Buch "Rally Zone 2013" Cristiano Barni, Edoardo Bauer

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Format: 30cm x 24cm horizontal
Seiten: 184
Fotos: über 700

Seven races through the deserts of four continents, an epic battle among immense sand dunes and over tracks and trails of all kinds. The FIM Cross-Country World Championship came to its conclusion in Morocco with a win for the Portuguese rider Paulo Goncalves who took the throne from his majesty Marc Coma.

The best photos of a tough season are to be gathered once again this year in RallyZone, a photographic book created by Edoardo Bauer and Cristiano Barni – a must-have for every fan.

Abu Dhabi with its magical sand dunes, harsh and enchanting Qatar, incredible Sardinia, the cold climes of Argentina and the warmth of welcoming Brazil, ending up with multicoloured Morocco, setting of the final world championship race following the cancellation of the Pharaons Rally in Egypt. But there's more: RallyZone 2013 will also cover the Merzouga Rally, a race that is collecting more and more converts among the fans of desert races.

It's a book of 184 pages, 50% more than the 2012 edition, and over 700 photos showing not just the competitive skill of so many riders whether they be champions or just amateurs, but more importantly images capable of transporting readers to the places visited by the rallies, through faraway countries and fascinating and diverse cultures.


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